Art tattoo has a separate space, tattoo artists always regard it as a factor to honor the beauty of the human body. From the perspective of art, tattoo patterns and patterns are particularly unique and creative with spiritual and religious values. Inspired by artistic space and profound religious values ​​in Ovo.Ink was born with the desire to create professional services and build a true artistic career for Vietnamese tattoo artists. Male, contribute a small part of culture in Vietnam art forum. We sincerely hope to bring you new uniqueness of Art and Soul. With all these wishes, in every tattoo made in not only reflects the artist’s precious soul but also the client’s, we provide a fun and relaxing space for the his customers. In design with Asia, Europe, Old School, New Shool, Tradition, Portrait, Reality.v, as well as piercing. Equipped with the most modern equipment and good artists, especially excellent customer service, we are proud and honored to be your performer in turning your stories into tattoos. makes sense across all lines created by our storytellers.
First prize of a big work on the back at the Vietnam tattoo festival in 2017

First prize for a big work on the back at Taiwan tattoo festival 2017

Prize Two major works on the back at Saigon tattoo festival in 2016

Prize Two major works on the back at the Vietnam tattoo festival 2018

Third prize at the back of the Vietnam tattoo festival in 2018

Toning the art in body art, recounting the stories of life forever with time, that is what OVO INK STUDIO has been doing. Welcome to our art world.
Founded in 2016, we are rapidly expanding to bring tattoo art to the world.
We have many professional artists with many different tattoo styles
We welcome you along with the following workflows
About tattoos:
We start with a minimum of 500,000 VND and a deposit is required, the price depends on the size and details of the design.
About piercing:
With safety and hygiene piercing tools and anti-rust materials, we always bring you the best jewelry.
Prices vary according to body part and jewelry selection. Testing is always free and encouraged.

We started working at 10:00 am and finished work at 10:00 pm.

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